What The Font? Why Fonts Matter in Design

Typography is an important building block of design. It forms an integral part of visual language and communication across all cultures and backgrounds. If you overlook the importance of typography and lettering in your design, your content doesn’t even matter. You can’t afford to get the delivery wrong. Even if you have the most valuable content you’d like to share with your audience, it could easily get lost in poor delivery.

One doesn’t even need to look far and wide in your daily life to recognise the importance of font and lettering. Consider your smartphone. From its alarm clock to its menu items, message notifications and bespoke apps have been meticulously crafted to deliver the best possible user experience. Entire font families have been developed for modern smartphones.

These are only a few examples of how font and lettering impact your daily life. Typography and fonts are all around us, from graffiti under old bridges, to warning signs in hospitals and construction sites. But what makes fonts so powerful?


The Power of Fonts and Lettering in Design

The power behind fonts and lettering is that these devices are used to convey meaning and information, regardless of colour or punctuation. Heavy font weights are often indicative of a heading, which is something that arrests a person’s attention right from the off. Sub-headings, on the other hand, are displayed in a lighter weight. Small print on contracts have an entirely different meaning attached to them.

Never underestimate the power of fonts in setting the personality and tone of your brand. With so many thousands of fonts to choose from, companies even go so far as to have their own fonts designed, which are unique to them. This also has great value, as it aids in your business’s branding. With a unique font, your marketing materials and branding can be instantly recognisable in the marketplace.


Successful Fonts and Lettering in Practice

Consider massively successful brands like Nando’s and KFC. Their marketing materials are instantly recognisable around the world where their brands have a presence. Fonts are subjective, of course, and everyone has their own preferences, similar to how we do with colours.

Whatever your preferences are, just keep in mind that you should not underestimate the value that a carefully chosen and executed font can have for your business. Speak to us to learn more about the different building blocks of a successful design and tap into our unmatched expertise.