What Makes a Great Logo, and Why Your Brand’s Identity Matters

Any good designer will be able to tell you there is no single element that makes a logo great. One thing that can sink or float your logo, however, is the conceptual phase. Planning, research and inspiration, coupled with a lot of thought goes into a great logo design.

Designers are trained to find inspiration from many areas – what the brand does, what it hopes to achieve, iconic elements within the industry, and much more. It could even be creating a unique brand mark that’s abstract, but inspired by the brand’s essence or its slogan.

A practical example would be Nike. Their brand mark is a tick, which technically doesn’t have anything to do with fitness. However, it reiterates their tagline, which is, “Just Do It.” The tick reinforces the idea that “it’s done,” with Nike.

Inspire Confidence in Your Brand with an Excellent Logo

It’s because of this, among many other reasons that the research and inspiration phase should enjoy great importance. In many instances, your company’s logo will be the first point of contact you make with a prospective client. A well-designed logo has a professional and unique look which inspires confidence in your brand.

However, it’s not simply about people recognising your brand. It’s also about drawing people in with your brand’s identity. Your brand identity is the first thing people see, and it should make a lasting impression.

It should also make them want to work with you, and select your brand from a sea of competition. A professionally designed and eye-catching logo accomplishes this, and instils in the consumer a sense of value that your company places on professional service, and a high work ethic.

Existing Brands Can Benefit from Expert Logo Design Too

With regards to existing brands, there is great value in refreshing your brand as well. If you’ve been around for a decade, it might be time to take your brand to the next level with a fresh facelift. Your brand may require a simple change, like a new font or colour, or it might be a more comprehensive change.

Whatever the case may be, an updated logo can help your brand adapt to the times, and compete in an ever-changing, evolving and volatile economy. Speak to us to learn more about the value of a fresh, modern and expertly designed logo, and let us help you invest in your brand’s continued relevance.