Things Every Designer Loves Hearing (Not Really Though)

Being a designer is a pretty awesome career. After all, who gets to draw and illustrate and colour for a living? While that’s a rather simplistic view of what a designer does day in and day out, just let me have it for a moment, please.

Designers get to combine their theoretical knowledge about design with their artistic visions to create work that is both practical and inspiring. What’s more, designers get to create beautiful things, and see people react to their creations, and interact with it in real time. However, there are times when interactions with clients and colleagues can get a bit…frustrating for designers.

With so many people having input in the final work, from account managers and art directors all the way to clients, designers can be confronted with many demands, requests and statements that can all but snuff out that creative buzz they’ve been cultivating throughout the project. If you want to keep your designers happy, then let’s take a look at some of the things you really wouldn’t want to say to a designer.

#1 I found a great pic on Google for the project, isn’t that great?

Image sourcing for designers is a serious part of their design. It can take a long time to come up with just the right image, not because they’re necessarily picky, but because they’re limited by stock images, unless there’s a budget to commission photography.

You can’t just use any visual in a design project, as the little issue of copyright comes into play. Let the designer come up with a visual that’s perfect (and legal) for the project.

#2 I don’t like it

You hear that? It’s the sound of your designer’s heart falling all the way into his/her shoes. This type of feedback is perhaps one of the most useless phrases in the history of phrases. It kills any way of moving forward. Is there something specific you don’t like? Avoid operating on the “I’ll know it when I see it,” philosophy, and give your designers tangible feedback to work with.

#3 I don’t have a budget

Design is art. It’s valuable because people pay for it. If the designer starts working for free today, their work won’t be valued tomorrow. While there’s a time and place for pro bono work, someone who hires for design jobs need to understand the costs involved with it, and budget accordingly.

#4 Just be creative!

Also known as, there’s no brief, but you’re talented, so make it happen please. Put simply, it means, “I have no idea what I want.” This is really the worst thing you can say to a designer. If you can’t agree on what you want, no amount of creativity will meet your expectations, because you have none. “Just be creative” is a fool proof way to making sure there will be many, many revisions in the designer’s future, without any direction.

Avoid these phrases. Be kind to designers everywhere, and value their work and time. It’ll make it easier to pull off beautiful work in future, on time and on budget.