Reputation Management

Effective brand Reputation Management relies on getting timely and accurate information from the target audiences. Brand reputation management involves designing a program of measurement that is completed on a regular schedule to allow for trend analysis and comparison.

Some of the key metrics that are involved in tracking your brand reputation include:

  • Brand awareness and familiarity
  • Brand perceptions
  • Brand positioning
  • Delivery on brand promise
  • Perceptions of competitive brands

Periodic measurement of key brand elements makes sure that your messaging and other actions are moving your brand in the right direction, or that you are maintaining a desired position.  It is essential that you monitor the marketplace so that you can manage your brand reputation.

Black Snow Creative reputation management process tracks perception of the following values independently so that you can identify key areas for brand improvement and subsequently measure the effectiveness of any strategic brand actions, and you can see how you compare with your competitors on these specific values.

  • Buzz (whether people have heard anything positive or negative about the brand in the media or through word of mouth)
  • Attention (the percentage of the general public that has heard anything, positive or negative, about the brand in the media through word of mouth)
  • Quality
  • Value
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Corporate Reputation
  • General Impression
  • Recommendation
  • Brand Awareness
  • Word of Mouth Exposure
  • Current Customer
  • Former Customer
  • Purchase Intent
  • Purchase Consideration
  • Ad Awareness

Results are delivered through an instant-access online reporting tool so you can keep a constant eye on brands health. Because the data is updated daily, any changes in public perception can be spotted immediately and acted on accordingly.