Marketing Research

Black Snow Creative’s marketing research team can help you to grow and develop strong, profitable brands, without the mystery of black box analysis. With deep experience of brand monitoring for some of the South Africa’s biggest companies and institutions, our marketing research is tailored to inform specific brand initiatives, as well as provide direction to wider marketing initiatives.

Brand marketing research is a key element of successful branding at all stages of brand development, from developing image and positioning strategies, to measuring brand commitment.

Having a clear brand position and a strong brand identity is key. However, strong brands are typically strong, not because they have a carefully presented image (although this is important too), but because the underlying strengths and consistently high performance of the brand are readily perceived and recognised.  See case study for brand market research.

Marketing research is a critical tool in brand development, including:

  • Defining brand values
  • Understanding drivers of brand preference
  • Measuring brand awareness
  • Mapping brand associations
  • Assessing brand engagement
  • Measuring brand loyalty