Marketing Audits

Black Snow Creative can work with organisations for a finite period to take a considered snapshot of the organisation from a marketing perspective whilst considering the organisation’s broader corporate goals.

From as little as an hour long discussion to a full marketing audit, Black Snow Creative will offer creative, relevant and cost-effective marketing ideas that can immediately add value.

Following the meeting Black Snow Creative will deliver a formal report. However, the principal benefit of this activity is the immediacy of response, with the client being able to walk away from the meeting armed with tangible new ideas that can potentially be utilised instantly. And if required, Black Snow Creative can work with the client on the deployment in a full marketing communications or PR programme.

The duration of this activity depends wholly on each client’s particular requirement, although single hour, two hour, half day and full day sessions are most typical.

Initially we meet with the client and conduct a Marketing Audit. This meeting explores areas such as:

  • Internal/external environments
  • Strengths/vulnerabilities
  • Competitors strengths/vulnerabilities
  • Brand awareness
  • Competitive Advantage