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Your company branding is what makes your business unique. It’s your business’s personality and should convey what makes your brand special to your customers.

Our Creative Branding Company will help you build trust with your customers. Our creative branding design company knows’ that it’s the little things that matter, and are committed to helping you reflect your company’s vision and values.

The key to brand management is consistency. That’s why our branding company will help you build a consistent look and feel across all your promotional material – both in print and online.

As one of the top Branding Companies, we will make your brand compelling in order to get you noticed but it also needs to be true to your values otherwise it will not survive.

  • Branding Design
  • Branding Architecture
  • Branding Idea Development
  • Value Proposition
  • Brand Design and Product Naming
  • Branding Analysis & Strategy
  • Branding Competitive Landscape Audits
  • Brand Management & Brand Positioning

As a branding company in South Africa, we extend your branding across materials in compelling and innovative ways with impact and elegance helps create a signature look and differentiates the brand in print adverts, on the shelf, online, at event shows and everywhere the brand and its customers live.

As a Branding Company we understand that change requires a leap of faith, along with commitment and discipline. Contact our branding company in Johannesburg or Cape Town today…

Brand Audit

Our Brand Audit provides a comprehensive overview of the health of a given brand. It is based on the point of view that successful brands are built from the inside out. While conventional branding research looks mostly at one audience – consumers – a complete brand audit assesses relationships with all of the important stakeholders of the brand, including both internal and external audiences.

Internal Brand Audiences

  • Management
  • Employees
  • Sales force or sales channel

External Brand Audiences

  • Current customers
  • Prospective customers
  • Past customers
  • Trade press
  • Consumer press
  • Business press
  • Industry and financial analysts
  • Shareholders and investors
  • Business and community leaders
  • Influencers and government regulators

Our brand audit involves the use of both secondary and primary research, and uses both qualitative and quantitative research methodologies, including interviews and online surveys.

Our brand audit helps companies build their brand from the inside out.

Brand Positioning

Once the corporate brand is defined, we work with our clients to advance unique Brand Positioning with a strategic brand communications campaign.

We begin by determining the “outside-in” elements – the brand strategies and brand positioning that maximise opportunity in the marketplace. Positioning becomes the platform from which effective corporate and marketing communications are implemented. This would include messaging to support the brand as well as one or more of the following:

  • CEO and executive positioning
  • Media relations
  • Organizational communications
  • Financial communications
  • Corporate citizenship
  • Crisis preparedness and response.

These offerings are strengthened by our experience and ability to integrate Thinking, Planning, and Execution

An articulate, well-defined, and properly communicated corporate brand positioning program can directly support a company’s business mission, improve its standing with constituencies, and create a base of allies who can be useful in advocacy or specific issues of importance to the company.

Brand Idea Development

A corporate brand is a company’s most valuable asset – it engages an organisation’s full range of stakeholders in a relationship that drives growth. But a corporate brand can also be difficult to manage – the challenge is to manage the brand to its fullest potential.

Black Snow Creative builds and strengthens brands that help organisations achieve their business strategies. We work with our clients to determine the desired results from a corporate branding initiative, and then build brand and communications programs that deliver these results. We help organisations enhance the corporate brand in the eyes of key audiences including:

  • Shareholders and the investment community
  • The company’s senior management team and Board of Directors
  • Company employees at every level
  • The media and, by extension, the broader business community
  • Opinion leaders, business partners and academic advisors who can impact corporate reputation

From the brand conceptualisation stage through to strategic deployment, branding idea development is a holistic experience that draws on expertise from across Black Snow Creative.

Branding is one area that cannot be overlooked if you want your business to see continued success.

Company Logo Design

A strong brand (identity/logo) is invaluable to attract, secure and maintain business. People instinctively turn to those that they are familiar with and trust. We understand the power that effective and consistent branding wields.

A company logo design should be simple, eye catching, easy to remember and sum up your business position within your market place both now and in the future, and be user friendly across all of your marketing material.

A carefully crafted company logo design is the first step in helping you to develop and grow your brand across all mediums. It should be conspicuously represented on all of your marketing material and work well with other carefully considered design elements.

Black Snow Creative promises to deliver a dynamic and unique company logo design service to any industry or company in Johannesburg, Cape Town or throughout South Africa.

You Company logo design should inspire confidence in your customers, assuring them that your company can provide the services they require.

Your company logo design should be integral part of your company’s image and needs to be instantly recognisable within the relevant market. Your Company logo design should inspire confidence in your customers, assuring them that your company can provide the services they require.

We will work in partnership with you to identify your direction and logo requirements, we will develop the logo and provide a creative solution to show how it can communicate for maximum impact.

Graphic Design Offering

At Black Snow Creative we believe in effective Graphic Design Offering and that choosing the right graphic design company as your creative partner will give your business a competitive edge.

Graphic Design is an extension of your brand and the communication channel to your clients and customers starting with your company logo. As a graphic design company we create design’s that effectively communicates your marketing messages to the intended audiences.

Starting a new business or launching a new product? Our creative Graphic Designers can help you build a strong brand or company logo.

Good design has become a much more public and publicised concept, associated not simply with function and with “good taste” but increasingly with social status hence the insertion of the word ‘design’ into both offline and online environment and the addition of the word ‘designer’ to sell a range of goods.

As a graphic design company we understand brands and building brands, live brands, and most definitely love brands. Our graphic design services stand out among other Branding and Graphic Design Companies, because our graphic designer are experts who work creatively and efficiently to bring you award winning creative branding!

Our graphic designers are specialists in creating new brand experiences…..

Our Graphic Design Approach:

As one of the most professional graphic design companies in South Africa we provide a holistic approach to Brand Communication these extensions include colour harmony, pantone colours, photographic style, typography and master imagery.

All businesses have a need for materials such as business cards, folders and stationery. Our graphic designers can help design and produce materials around your specific requirements and in line with your brand.

  • Company Logo Design
  • Business Cards
  • Stationary Design
  • Brochure Design
  • Design Systems & Design Collateral
  • Print Advertising

Whatever graphic design services’ you are looking for, our graphic designers can help you with our flexible approach, which means you can order anything from a single sided business card up to multiple items for a complete marketing campaign. Our collaborative approach allows clients to engage in, and understand the graphic design services process.

Being a graphic design company in South Africa means pushing forward in the face of design challenges and solving difficult problems for our clients. Armed with passion and creativity, the design process is never discouraging. Pulling it all off in the end makes the journey worthwhile.

We offer top quality graphic design services and competitive rates to our clients.

As one of the top graphic design companies we are committed to excellence and complete client satisfaction are our top concerns.