Brand Positioning

Once the corporate brand is defined, we work with our clients to advance unique Brand Positioning with a strategic brand communications campaign.

We begin by determining the “outside-in” elements – the brand strategies and brand positioning that maximise opportunity in the marketplace. Positioning becomes the platform from which effective corporate and marketing communications are implemented. This would include messaging to support the brand as well as one or more of the following:

  • CEO and executive positioning
  • Media relations
  • Organizational communications
  • Financial communications
  • Corporate citizenship
  • Crisis preparedness and response.

These offerings are strengthened by our experience and ability to integrate Thinking, Planning, and Execution

An articulate, well-defined, and properly communicated corporate brand positioning program can directly support a company’s business mission, improve its standing with constituencies, and create a base of allies who can be useful in advocacy or specific issues of importance to the company.